Useful links

The highest State authorities

President of the Republic of Lithuania

Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania

The Government of the Republic of Lithuania, the Prime Minister

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Lithuania


Ministry of Environment

Ministry of Energy

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of National Defence

Ministry of Culture 

Ministry of Social Security and Labour

Ministry of Transport and Communications

Ministry of Health

Ministry of Education and Science

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Economy

Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of Agriculture

Courts, pre-trial institutions

European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg

Supreme Court of Lithuania

Supreme Administrative Court of Lithuania

Court of Appeal of Lithuania

National Courts Administration

Regional Court of Vilnius

Chief Administrative Disputes Commission

Kaunas regional court

Klaipėda regional court

Šiauliai regional court

Panevėžys regional court

Vilnius Regional Administrative Court

Kaunas Regional Administrative Court

Klaipėda Regional Administrative Court

Šiauliai Regional Administrative Court

Panevėžys Regional Administrative Court

The Chief Administrative Disputes Commission

Commission on Tax Disputes

Experts, expert agencies

Forensic Science Centre of Lithuania

The State Forensic Medicine Service under the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania

State Service of Forensic Psychiatry under the Ministry of Health

Minister’s of Justice The List of of experts approved by the court

Law enforcement and justice institutions


The Chamber of Notaries

The Police Department

Special Investigations Service

VIP Protection Department

State Security Department

State Border Guard Service

Public Police Bureau

General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Lithuania

Vilnius Regional Prosecutor’s Office

Kaunas Regional Prosecutor’s Office

Klaipėda Regional Prosecutor’s Office

Šiauliai Regional Prosecutor’s Office

Panevėžys Regional Prosecutor’s Office

Financial Crime Investigation Service under the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Lithuania

Vilnius County Police Headquarters

Other public bodies

State Tax Inspectorate

State Social Insurance Fund Board 

The State Patent Bureau

The Customs Department

State Labor Inspectorate

Central Mortgage Office

Bank of Lithuania

Competition Council of the Republic of Lithuania

Central Securities Depository of Lithuanian

Securities Commission of Lithuanian

Department of Migration

National Paying Agency 

The Public Procurement Office

Insurance Supervisory Commission

State Enterprise Centre of Registers

State Enterprise State Property Fund

Chamber of Agriculture

The National Courts Administration

Department of Enterprise Bankruptcy Management under the Ministry of Economy of the republic of Lithuania

Residents’ Register Service under the Ministry of the Interior

Children’s Maintenance Fund Administration under the Ministry of Social Security and Labour

Disability and working capacity assessment office at the Ministry of Social security and Labour Republic of Lithuania

State territorial planning and construction inspectorate under the Ministry of Environment

Other useful links

Bar Association of Lithuanian

Law portal INFOLEX 

International Court of Justice

Search for Legislation of  the Republic of Lithuania

Search for Court Solutions of the National Courts Administration database

Search for scheduling court hearings of the National Courts Administration database

Courts’ judicial activity areas

Vilniaus advokatų kontora

Non exemplis, sed legibus iudicandum

We should judge by the laws, not precedents